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What is an Aneurysm?

Aneurysmal Disease can occur in any part of the human body, which is a bulging or abnormal dilatation of the arterial wall, it is very common in the abdominal aorta and also in the chest. The prevalence of this condition is estimated to be between 4 and 8%. People 55 years or older have a higher incidence of developing an aneurysm, there are some other factors such a family disposition, hypertension, smoking and Atherosclerosis Disease. Aneurisms of the aorta __________ even silent, the most common presentation is in a patient without any symptoms and are discovered mostly in incidental findings for other problems, so an important issue on this is, if we don’t have a good screening for those patients an aneurysm can reach a very large size without even being investigated before. Sixty-five years old or older should have participated in a screening test and an abdominal ultrasound would be a good test to have to identify if someone has an aneurysm.

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