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Radiofrequency Closure, Mesa

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If you or a loved one has experienced the pain and burning of varicose veins, you are likely to have a familiarity with the treatment called vein stripping.  Vein stripping is the surgical removal of diseased veins and has been around for decades. It requires general anesthesia and a hospital stay and a lengthy recovery time.

We are pleased to offer a new, minimally-invasive technique called Radiofrequency Closure. Radiofrequency Closure preserves the existing veins by shrinking the clogged vein with heat that is delivered via catheter. In short, after the diseased vein is closed off, the blood naturally reroutes through the other healthy veins in the body.

The Procedure
Radiofrequency Closure is performed under either local or general anesthesia and lasts from 45-60 minutes. Your surgeon will inject a saline solution into the leg, squeeze blood from the vein while protecting the surrounding tissues. Then, using ultrasound imaging for guidance, your surgeon will insert a catheter into the vein, apply the heat, and confirm that the vein has fully-closed.

Closure offers benefits over vein stripping and other treatment methods such as faster treatment and recovery time, less discomfort during and after the procedure, and little or no scarring, bruising or swelling.

Drs. Vranic and Tarlian believe that well-informed patients who are involved and proactive in their care are more likely to achieve better outcomes.  To help facilitate this, they will be happy to personally consult with you to answer your questions and fully-explain the treatment options for your condition.