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Vascular System

The vascular system also referred to as the circulatory system is one of the most vital systems to the proper function of our body and organs. The vascular system carries blood throughout our bodies by way of our vessels. There are three different types of vessels that carry our blood throughout the vascular system. The first is, the Arteries, which transport oxygenated blood from the heart throughout the body. The second vessel, the veins, returns deoxygenated blood that was pumped throughout the body back into the heart. The third and final vessel, the capillaries, are tiny vessels connecting the veins and arteries that package and ship oxygenated blood into the body.

The lifestyle habits we make, our genetics, as well as illness and injury play a contributing role in the function of our vascular system. In these cases when referred by a Primary care physician it is of utmost importance to meet with a certified and vascular dedicated surgeon to address and improve vascular health. Thus allowing patients to improve their well-being and overall health. Read more about the vascular system

Vascular Disease

Vascular disease is a condition affecting the normal flow of blood throughout the vessels of our bodies. Our bodies use these vessels to circulate blood from the heart to all our vital organs and any problem restricting or otherwise disrupting the circulation can be extremely dangerous and in some cases fatal.

Vascular Surgeons

A Vascular Surgeon is uniquely trained in vascular medicine and interventions that educates patients on the risks associated with their vascular disease and surgical treatment options. These options include both surgical and non-surgical interventions to assist patients in improving their vascular health and well being.

Vascular System

Your blood’s amazing trip through your vascular system

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