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Aneurysms in Mesa

Aneurysms | Vascular Surgeons | Phoenix | Mesa

An aneurysm is an abnormal bulge in the wall of an artery. Aneurysms can occur anywhere there are blood vessels, but generally they develop wherever the pressure is strongest, i.e., in areas where blood vessels divide and branch off to other parts of the body.

Aneurysms are extremely risky, if one bursts, it can cause life-threatening internal hemorrhaging.

There are several locations where aneurysms most often occur:

  • Brain
  • Intestine
  • Neck
  • Spleen
  • Legs
  • Heart.

An aneurysm can be caused by illness or injury, but some people are genetically predisposed to aneurysms due to the poor elasticity of their arteries. Other factors include: plaque buildup, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, and blood infections.

There are two common approaches to aneurysm repair: traditional “open” or surgical repair, and “stent graft” or endovascular repair.

Open Aneurysm Repair
During open aneurysm repair, the weakened part of your artery will be replaced with a tube-like replacement which will allow the blood to pass easily through it.

Endovascular Stent Graft Repair
Endovascular Stent Graft Repair is performed within the artery using thin tubes, called catheters, which are threaded through incisions in the groin area and through the blood vessels. This procedure is considered less invasive. Surgery time depends on several factors including area of aneurysm, size, and type.

Drs. Vranic and Tarlian believe that well-informed patients who are involved and proactive in their care are more likely to achieve better outcomes.  To help facilitate this, they will be happy to personally consult with you to answer your questions and fully-explain the treatment options for your condition.