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They told me I would never walk again, let alone dance…

Hi, my name is Ashley.  I am a mom of 2 and I have a 4 year old and an 8 year old… very active family. I am very active person, love to dance, always have danced since I was little, dance around with the kids, anything we can do to stay busy and active. When I was 16 years old I was involved in a terrible car accident, we were t-boned, and my femur broke in half and severed the femoral artery in my leg, I was taken to Maricopa County Medical center which is a teaching hospital so there was trauma team there who did the initial surgery, vascular surgery went in and did the initial bypass first then they had ortho come in to put the rods in my leg and when they came back in they noticed that my toes were dark again and there was a kink in the bypass that they initially did, therefore they had to go back in and completely revise it all over again, all in the same night, it was a duration of 9 hours, at that time is when they went out and had my mom sign the papers to amputate my leg because they weren’t sure if after all that had happened in that duration if it was going to take, they were able to save my leg but I was still faced with many complications and when the accident happened they told me that I would never walk again, I mean, let alone ever dance again so of course that was devastating being a 16 year old just about to go into senior year of high school, worked so hard to be able to make the dance team and then your life just changes. I was in ICU for about a week and a half and then they transferred me over to a nursing home where I stayed for 2 months, and at that time that I was there they took me to establish care with Dr. Vranic, the trauma team I was told that performed the original surgery was here from Boston, so I needed somebody locally here who I could reestablish care with, to continue monitoring and if it ever needed to fixed again, so 5 years later, I had significant pain in my leg and in my calf, I couldn’t hardly exercise let alone walk, It impacted my day to day living. At that point is when I called Dr. Vranics office to let him know of the changes and we ran the test to find out that I had less than 50% of blood flow to the bottom half of my leg, which meant I needed the bypass fixed again. I at that point for the first time was completely confident that I had absolutely no worries, he never made me feel anything other than he was going to save my leg, I never doubted him in anyway shape or form. You know it’s always scary going in and they tell you all the risks like you know, you could possibly lose your leg, but, I never had a doubt in my mind. In 2007 is when Dr. Vranic did a creative bypass on my leg, I’ve been fine ever since, live a healthy lifestyle, I can dance, I am active, everything’s been great, pain-free all of my regular testing is perfect, and I actually now work for Western Vascular Institute, Dr. Vranic I am their new patient coordinator and their front office supervisor, It was fascinating to me how they changed people’s lives and I wanted to be part of the team that did that for people just like they did me, if I could give patients any sort of a recommendation if they ever need vascular care to make sure that they choose WV of course and make sure you’re finding a physician that is in the specialty that you need, somebody who is trained to do vascular surgery, I’ve had the routine tests on my leg and everything is still as great as it was right after he fixed it, I have absolutely no problems, my daughters in dance full time, she’s on a couple of different dance company’s and being able to be silly and work with her and dance and have fun with the kids dancing around is something that I cherish even more so now because at one point you know that was almost taken away from me, I love it and I am just so thankful.

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