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Dr. Mitar Vranic

Dr. Vranic, is the President and founder of Western Vascular Institute. His passion and experience in Vascular Medicine has allowed him to be one of the most innovative and creative vascular surgeons in the valley. He has Board Certification in both Vascular and General Surgery and Wound Care. Dr. Vranic has received the Vascular fellowship at the Arizona Heart Institute and Ohio University in Columbus, Ohio. He has received training in the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and has gotten certification as a Wound Care Specialist. He is also the Board Examiner of Vascular Surgery, both oral and written for ten years. He has certification in Trauma Ultrasound and Vascular Duplex/Ultrasound/Non-invasive. He has publications in major peer reviewed journals. He serves as the abstract reviewer in the Journal of Vascular Surgery. He teaches as an Assistant Professor at Midwestern University. He is the founder and Director of WVI’s Vascular Cath Lab Educational Program for the training of physicians nationwide.