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How is Peripheral Arterial Vascular Disease Treated?

There are many treatment options for Peripheral Vascular Disease, patients first should be treated with aggressive medical management and that would include a healthy lifestyle consistent with daily exercise, a healthy diet, controlling their blood pressure, controlling their diabetes, and to stop smoking, but there are times when that is not enough and other options are available which could include; minimal invasive techniques, endovascular techniques, or open surgical techniques such as bypass. Some of the minimal invasive endovascular techniques include balloon angioplasty which is stretching the plaque to its original position, or placing stents which trap the plaque and expand the plaque to its original position, or performing atherectomy and that is using an intravascular device that actually removes the plaque from the body. When patients are not candidates from endovascular procedures or fail endovascular procedures, open surgical procedures are offered that could include removing plaque or doing bypass surgery.

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